The 8th World Dwarf Games will take place from the 28th July until the 5th August at the German Sports University in Cologne, Germany, bringing together athletes, trainers, visitors and families from all around the world. We are excited to meet you all!

The World Dwarf Games 2023

The World Dwarf Games are the largest international sporting event held exclusively for athletes with dwarfism. Its goal is to attract athletes with dwarfism from around the world to participate in sports.

The local host organisation

The German association of short-statured people and their families (BKMF e.V.) is a nationwide society that has been promoting self-help in health-related matters and representing the interests of short-statured people in Germany since 1988. It has 3.500 members and is Europe’s largest organization in its area. 

The International Dwarf Sports Federation

The IDSF, the International Dwarf Sports Federation, is the worldwide governing body for dwarf sports. It exists to: Encourage international sporting competition amongst dwarf athletes, represent the needs of dwarf athletes amongst other international sporting organisations or set and maintain standard rules and regulations for sports used in international competition to just name a few.