Badminton is one of the more popular sports that is played by athletes with dwarfism on an elite level, with many of our own dwarf athletes being ranked at world class levels at Parabadminton competitions every year.

The fun part about badminton for people with dwarfism is that you don’t need to change the sport to play it – no adaptations are required! It’s fast, fun and easy to learn, requiring quick reflexes and agility.



Badminton is played on the GSU campus. Please consult the Information & Welcome Point after your arrival. Our WDG Team on site will point you in the right direction.

Special Thanks TO:

Markus Bennewitz

Markus Schlömer & Katrin Fidorra

Ulrich Grill

Carolin Ruth

Michael Püven

Maurin Stubi

all volunteers and volunteering referees who made the event possible