Descending from a noble history from both Eastern and Western cultures, and closely linked to the development of civilisation, Archery is deemed one of mankind’s oldest sports, and considered one of the more interesting sport choices at the World Dwarf Games.

At this year’s Games, the Archery events will take place outdoors. The beauty of Archery at the WDG is that it is one of the more accessible sports that is open to any classification in the set divisions, including people who may use wheelchairs and mobility scooters to compete.


Registered Athletes


The archery venue is located off-site. The Kölner Klub für Bogensport e.V. is located in Venloer Str. 969, 50829 Köln and can be reached by park within 10 to 15 mins coming from GSU campus.

Taking the tram is a bit of a journey. The venue is closely located to the tram stop “Wolffsohnstr.”.

Parking possibilities around the archery facility
Special thanks to
Kölner Klub für Bogensport e.V.
Rheinischer Schützenbund e.V.