Video TutorialS on how to register for the WDG 2023
Step 0: Create an account
Step 1: Add Attendee
Step 2: Manage Athlete Information
Step 2.1: Manage Athlete Information
Step 3: Billing Address
Step 4: Manage Accommodation
Step 4.1: Mange Accomodation – Shared Room w/ Another Account

The World Dwarf Games are the largest international sporting event held exclusively for athletes with dwarfism. ANYONE with dwarfism, of any age and ability, may participate and compete in various sports – you do not have to be a professional athlete! ⁣The registration fee for athletes is 100 Euro and includes participation, on-site lunch and a “City Ticket”. The “City Ticket” allows athletes to use the city’s public transport at no extra charge. 

Registration will be  for all attendees: athletes, accompanying persons e.g. managers, parents, family, etc. 

The registration fee for non-athletes is 50 Euros and includes on-site lunch.

You can register for multiple attendees under one account: athletes and/or accompanying people e.g. parents, managers, coaches, family, etc. The person who registers the account automatically becomes the “Account Holder”. This person must be 18 years or older, as they will be the person responsible for handing the payment from the registration process.

Just a quick reminder: the account holder will receive the invoice. We are not able to offer split bills. So, please keep that in mind when registering your attendees.  #nosplitbills

The insurance company of BMKF, Union Versicherung, offered us a travel cancellation insurance. The pandemic has changed those policies significantly. Given the likelihood of a claim, this type of insurance is rather expensive. The cost of the policy is listed at 10% of the induvial travel costs. Please note that this insurance only covers parts of the travel you booked through us! Most notably your travel costs are not included.
In case you opt for the policy, we will forward your contact details and bill to the insurance company. If something happens, you need to contact us. We will forward the claim to the insurance company.
It you are not able to start travelling or have to abort it due to death, pregnancy, or unexpected heavy injury, you will receive your money back or partial in case of aborting the trip. Please note that this policy does not consider a pandemic or political dangers as reason for paying. Additional exceptions are illnesses that were to be expected, terror acts, uprisings, natural disasters of any kind and some other aspects. The complete policy is in German. We will try to get a full English translation.

There may be reasons for cancelling participation. If you cancel withing the registration timeframe (until April 15th) please note the cancellation fee of 20€ as it causes quite a bit of work. If you cancel after April 15th we will have to decide on an individual basis, with the 20€ being the minimum. Please note that in the case you booked accommodation through us, the hotels bill us significant cancellation fees, which we will have to pass on.

Accommodation & Travel

This airport might seem like the obvious choice, however, as it is a domestic airport, not all airlines fly into this airport. So, it may be worthwhile to consider checking the prices to the closest international airports in Düsseldorf and/or Frankfurt.