The World Dwarf Games 2023 are over. We're celebrating the Success of the WDG2023 and are looking forward to the WDG2027 in Australia
WDG 23
The World Dwarf Games are the largest international sporting event held exclusively for athletes with dwarfism. Its goal is to attract athletes with dwarfism from around the world to participate in sports.

The 8th World Dwarf Games were held from 28th July – 5th August 2023 at the Deutsche Sport Hochschule (German Sports University) in Cologne, Germany. Athletes of all ages and every level of ability participated in team and individual sports and explored their own athletic abilities with others of similar stature. More than 500 athletes from over 20 countries competed in Cologne, Germany.
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Although it’s impossible to explain all that even occurred within these eight days, we were blessed to have L’Accord Filmproduktion on site every day to put together THE 8TH WORLD DWARF GAMES OFFICIAL FILM
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Day Seven Recap

Running and throwing is on the program on day seven. Many athletes have registered for the various disciplines of athletics. Since the beginning of the first Olympic Games in Greece in 776 BC, track and field has always been popular at major sporting events. It’s no different with the World Dwarf Games. The grandstands of […]

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Day Six Recap

Boccia is on the agenda, please keep a cool head!  The weather continues to be a mix of rain and wind, yet the stands are once again well-filled. But today, the atmosphere is different: The tone is more subdued, the energy of the crowd less exuberant than during basketball. The reason for this lies at […]

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Day Five Recap

Basketball and Archery Ball control, precision, tactical thinking, speed, and agility: That’s just a short list of skills required in basketball. But with dwarfism, even more challenges arise: The ball and hoop are the same size as in traditional basketball, which further increases the demands on the players’ skills and abilities. In this sense, just […]

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Patricia Carl-Innig

„The World Dwarf Games are proof that sports can be inclusive!„

Patricia Carl-Innig

Chairwoman of BKMF e. V.

Arthur Dean

„Believe in yourselves in all you do, anything is possible with the World Dwarf Games.„

Arthur Dean

President of the IDSF